Presto Winter Warmers

Whats cold but hot all at the same time?

Presto Winter Warmers
The Southern Hemisphere is on the brink of winter with cold mornings and rainy times already in effect though thankfully it's the exception rather than the rule (at this stage).

While its cooling down outside there is no need to let the bitter chill be the end of your ride enjoyment. Presto again bring a limited range of amazing plush and lush winter warmers to beat the freeze. It's time to get prepared for the winter onslaught so you don't miss a minute of riding due to climactic chaos...


So why are these warmers the ones you want?

Presto Arm and Knee Warmers combine a specially formulated mix of polyamide and elastane to deliver a durable outer shell for protection and a soft, fleecy inner for warmth and comfort. On the design tip they feature jet black styling and a single sided logo for a subtle, stealthy character.

Whether it be your only pair or the back ups when pair one is wet and soggy these are something you want in your kit cupboard.

SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL: Until the 7th of May individual knee or arm warmers are $50 (RRP: $55) and the warmer pack (arms and knees) is yours for $90 (RRP: $100).

Order now or contact us to try on a pair while stocks last!